Iron Butt Rally 2007

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Ever wondered what a " Real" Iron Butt Rally Bike looks like?
Have a look at Rob Nye's BMW.


Chris McGaffin summed up his IBR experience as soon as he arrived home..............


What happened to me during those 11 days was a personal experience. It can be summed up the same as everyone else. Rode as much as I could and slept very little.

The "exciting " bits were

1. Hitting a truck tire near Amarillo which would have resulted in a broken
foot if I hadn`t had ATGATT.

2. Having an unexpected Slalom session in the dark with Bob Collin at 75 mph
through mud in Nevada.

3. Removing my Jacket in Florida because I couldn`t stand the heat. Duct
taping my sweatshirt sleeves into position to stop them blowing up my
arms.Then I removed my sweatshirt that night in the motel by pulling it over
my head.It was then that I found out how strong duct tape is. I stood on the
body of the sweatshirt and tried to pull my hands out. That only tightened
the duct tape. I was stuck.I considered going to reception for help but
decided against that. Therefore, I spent 10 minutes using my teeth to chew
through the sleeves of my shirt to get chewing at the tape. Finally I was
free.I would like to add that my shirt was my only meal that day.

I`ve just weighed myself. During the rally I lost 7 lbs in weight. What a
fantastic diet plan.Guaranteed weight loss while having the time of your
life. Although maybe it`s no wonder considering that my diet included
sweatshirts.Over 11 days ( apart from sweatshirts) this is what I ate

2 big mac meals, 2 packets of trail mix,1 bag peanuts, 1 bag potato chips, 1
tube pringles, 5 donuts and around 40 Gatorade and 35 bottles of water.

Not very healthy.But who needs healthy.I was running on pure adrenalin.

Rather than boring everyone with details of my day to day riding all I`ll
say is this.

I have never enjoyed myself as much in my entire life. I loved every minute
of every day.Maybe not at the time but looking back it was a blast.I would
call it "character building".

I was determined not to give up.Even when I realised I wasn`t going to reach
the minimum points value I kept going.Because that is what the IBR is all
about.It`s not about quitters.It`s not about cry babies, wimping out because
their tired or sore or feeling sorry for themselves. It`s not about being
the best either.Sure their are winners and losers.But I`m not going to say
that it`s the taking part that matters.

Anybody can take part. Taking part is not enough.It`s about going out and
giving every damn bit of effort you can muster from your broken mind and
body. Even when you realise the route you picked has "idiot" written all over
it.At the time it seemed like a good plan.How was I to know Colorado was
full of mountains and not the quickest way west?

But the best thing of all about the rally is the people.I have never met so
many genuinely nice people.Everyone was willing to help. Even the big
players seemed to have time to speak with the little minnows swimming around
at the bottom of the pond trying to pick up a few scraps of points.Nobody
looked down on anyone else.I think I`ve made quite a few new friends.

The important thing is not to take part then walk away.The important thing
is to take part and LEARN. I`ve learnt a lot. You go away and put into
practice what you`ve learnt and then come back and IMPROVE.

Yes that`s right.COME BACK. As soon as I got home and my wife learned of my
disapointment of my DNF ( which should actually read NEP- not enough
points), she said I should try again.I don`t need telling a 2nd time.Fingers
crossed and a lucky draw I`ll be back.

Chris McGaffin

Rider #33

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