IBA Authorised Rides

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"Stand tall in knowing you're about to be admitted into a club where
membership can't be bought. There's only one door. A door open to all,
regardless of what they ride. Riding is the key that gains you
admittance. One of the most heralded titles within The Association is
that of 'Rider'." - Mark Johnson about Iron Butt Association Membership

There are 5 stages to completing an Iron Butt Ride
1. Plan a route
2. Get a start witness
3. Do the ride
4. Get an end witness
5. Complete the documentation and send it off
Rides can be done at a time of your suiting. If you're not up to it on the day you planned, no worries, leave it till another time.Rides do not require any sort of pre-registration.
Only by following the IBA rules whilst doing your ride and the ride being certified by the IBA will you gain membership of the Association.Please note: some rides require the completion of other certified rides prior to the attempt..Print out and study the rules by following the link at the bottom of the page.

IBA rides suitable for anywhere
Saddlesore 1000
1000 miles in <24hrs
Saddlesore 2000
2,000 miles in <48 hours
Saddlesore 3000
3,000 Miles in <72 hours
Saddlesore 5000
5,000 Miles in <120 Hours
1,500+ Miles in <36 hours
Bunburner GOLD
1,500 miles<24hours
Bunburner GOLD  3000
Two back-to-back BunBurner GOLD rides; 3000 miles in 48 hours!
Ten consectutive Saddlesore rides; 10,000 miles in 10 days!
Live in Europe or have a KM calibrated bike?
Saddlesore 1600k
1600+ Kilometres (=1,000 miles) in under 24 hours
Saddlesore 2000k
2000+ Kilometres (=1,243 miles) in under 24 hours
Bunburner 2500k
2500+ Kilometres (=1,553 miles) in under 36 hours
Bunburner 2500k GOLD
2500+ Kilometres (=1,553 miles) in under 24 Hours

All RIDE RULES can be found here.