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IronButt Uk End 2 End

The End to End ride provides another method of gaining membership of the IBA. 
I am delighted to announce that I have been given full authority to verify all UK End to End and End to End Gold rides.
Have you completed an E2E ride over the last 12 months and have completed all the Iron Butt paperwork? if so please email me immediatley as this change to the verification process wil speed up the total certification to only 1-2 months to recieving your awards. Please see the End to End page for the very latest E2E Ride rules and payment details. Download the forms as a word document and send them off to me at the PO Box listed immediatley
There are 5 stages to completing an End to End Ride
1. Plan a route
2. Get a start witness
3. Do the ride
4. Get an end witness
5. Complete the documentation and send it off
Rides can be done at a time of your suiting. If you're not up to it on the day you planned, no worries, leave it till another time.Rides do not require any sort of pre-registration.

End to End
Lands End to John O'Groats (or other way round) in under 24 Hours (874 miles)
End to End GOLD
Lands End to John O'Groats (or other way round) plus additional mileage between to take you over the 1,000+ miles in under 24 hours
The E2E ride rules are gained by following the link below. This will bring up the rules in a word Document. Follow the rules and ride safe. Any questions about the rules, the ride, payments or just general E2E information email Roger. Enjoy the ride

End2End Ride Rules, click here

So there was I just minding my own business at work when i am informed that a package has arrived, now I knew it wasnt one of the IBA certs I am waiting for as I had already discussed that with Mike Kneebone a short while earlier. Imagine my suprise when the package was opened to find not only a certificate but also a really nice glass trophy from the End to End club.
Appears that when i did the first End to End Gold run last year they nominated me for one of the various awards they give out each year for endeavour and guess what, I came runner up in the Paynter Trophy, Motorcycle event
What a lovely suprise and great recognition for the Iron Butt UK. Many thanks to the E2E team and thanks for recognising Long Distance Motorcycling (photo below of trophy)

The 2006 Paynter Trophy 'Runner Up' Roger Allen

End to End News
Roger Allen has become the first finisher of the Iron Butt Association's End to End ride in the United Kingdom! leaving John O'Groats on the northern side of Scotland at 6.00am he rode to Lands End on the extreame southwest tip of England in less than 24 hours. Most people would find that ride to be very difficult (in hundreds of enquiries we could not find anyone that had docemented the ride in one day). But a straight shot was not what Allen had in mind, he wanted the IBA End to End GOLD, which meant a lengthy trek east to get the mileage above 1,000 before reaching Lands End
1,079 odeometer miles and 1,049 GPS miles to be exact in less than 24 hours
Roger, a Bunburner GOLD finisher on his HarleyDavidson Ultra Classic (so he knows what a HARD ride is) called this one "a tough ride". The first 100 miles out of John O'Groats had him facing 40 feet visibility trying to ride through a heavy cean mist on mountain roads, as if that wasnt enough, as he neared Lands End, a heavy rain added to the challenge, but as an experienced long dstance rider Roger knew a slow, but safe pace would bring him in and he made sure he stayed consistent and rode a very safe pace into the finish
What an exciting year this is turning out to be
Michael Kneebone
Iron Butt Association of America

Roger Allen at Lands End, the finish of his E2EG

Click here to read Roger's End to End Gold ride report

The Eagle Riders, Tony Oakshott and his good lady Mimm's

Ready for the off

All done, and dont they look good

The Eagle Riders Ride Report

Eight bikes and riders with two passengers left Land’s End at 12.45pm Saturday 28 and had a tough time getting along the A30 due to traffic congestion.

We all met up for a short break and a quick cuppa at motorway services just north of Bristol around 15.00 with our recovery vehicle, who just seemed to appear like magic behind us whenever we stopped.


As we rode on, one motorway just merged into another until we got to Stirling about 02.00am on Sunday 29th, where we tried to get a couple of hours sleep.

The cold was getting to us all by this time and hot coffee and a plate of chips was all that was on the menu but we were glad of it.

Two hours later around 4am, we got ready for the push onto the end.  The roads were clear of traffic at this time so we made good time. This time of the morning it was really cold, even with extra clothing, but we pressed on and arrived at Aviemore at 6.15, where we fuelled up, for what we thought was going to be the last time.

We thought we would stop one more time before our final destination as it was a Sunday and open fuel stations were a bit thin on the ground and we just wanted to make sure we never run out a few miles from JOG.


Our last stop for fuel was at Brora – with about 66 miles to go.  This was by far the longest and coldest 66 miles I had ever ridden. By this time the roads were wet and we even had a shower of hailstones, the group began to fragment, each one riding to suit the conditions and dug deep for that last extra effort.


With only about 13 miles to go, at last we saw the last turning for John O’Groats. We saw our hotel we were to stay in, but everyone rode straight past and headed straight for the famous signpost that marked the end of our journey.  We were all overwhelmed that we had achieved what we had set out to do, to ride from one end of the country to the other within 24 hours. 


I was totally amazed that our only female rider, Loz Bielby, on the smallest of the Harley motorcycle range, was less than a minute behind me as we arrived at John O’Groats at 10.30am on Sun 29th July.

An amazing fact is the oldest rider in the group – 65 year old Don (James Wright) left Land’s End with the group and arrived in John O’Groats at 07.30am – three hours before us.

The ride for the rest of the group was a total of 21hrs and 15min’s, as for Don an amazing 18 hrs and 15min’s you can’t beat experience with youth.


On the return journey whilst about to overtake a van, the vans side window burst, showering all the bikes and riders with fragments of glass.  Luckily we were all wearing full protective clothing and nobody was hurt.

Although none of the bikes broke down, one did have to be trailored the last 150 miles home, due to a large bulge appearing on the tyre wall, which could have blown out at any time.  

The return journey home through Scotland gave us the opportunity to see some of the spectacular scenery and appreciate the wonderful roads there for riding.


We estimate that we have raised between �3000 to �3500 for the Rainbow Centre but the most important thing was we all made it home safe and well, all be it a bit tired.


Rider’s names

Tony Oakshott
Brian Fisher
Lance Hindley (Goose)
Chris Corlass (Saint Chris)
Paul Coffin
James Wright (Don)
Dave Coombs (2Jags) + wife Jane Coombs (Pillion)

Loz Bielby

Also Mike & Maria Fennemore Driving Support van and trailer


Here is an update i recieved from jon Ince reference the riders who attempted the SS2000 and E2E Gold ride
Just thought i'd let you know that 4 riders started and 3 riders finished Dave's Iron Butt challenge. They were on the road just after 2:30am Saturday 2nd June from Washington Services Southbound. They arrived back at Washington Services Northbound at 21:32 Sunday evening with over 5 hours spare and 2,024 miles on the clocks.........There was great support from the Geordie Chapter throughout the event. The riders who started were Dave Badcock, Greg Holmes, Bev Muizelar and Mick Ingledew. They arrived at Lands End by about 10am and signed on for the E2EG at 11:18am and headed off towards Kent. Unfortunatley it was Bev Muizelar that suffered a puncture on this section and was forced to retire and was transported home to Newcastle on the back of a trailer. They signed off on the E2EG at 10:08am Sunday morning with an hour and 10 minutes spare. The journey had it's ups and downs and having been quoted by Dave as being 8 minutes ahead of schedule at Lands End to heavy traffic which demolished their average speed to being 2 hours behind schedule after the Kent bound leg to finishing the E2EG with 70 minutes spare and the SS2000 with over 5 hours spare a "Big Ask" (as Dave puts it) was required and given by the threesome who made to home to register the IBA UK arm's first SS2000. Hearty congrats to Dave Badcock, Greg Holmes and Mick Ingledew. Dave Badcock was riding a 103Ci Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle Ultra Glide, Greg Holmes was riding a Harley Davidson 110CI Screamin Eagle Ultra Glide and Mick Ingledew was riding a Harley Davidson Street Glide. All bikes performed faultlessly and were born for long distance riding.